Never clean a bar gun manually again.

Endorsed by the
Clinical Labs of
Quantum Analytics.

Automatic system prevents
Cross Contamination
from manual cleaning that
grows microbes and forms biofilm.

Bar Guns should only be maintained by
professional Soda distributors.

Sea Gun Features

Sea Gun

System Capabilities

    • Automatic, programmable cleaning system
    • Cleans to a level impossible to achieve with manual cleaning
    • Maintenance Free
    • Cleans all bar gun sizes from 3 to 12 buttons
    • Cleans up to 4 bar guns simultaneously in system holsters
    • Antimicrobial Santoprene® Collars make the bar gun cleaner impervious to insects
    • Antimicrobial polished ABS Holsters prevent water retention and mold
    • Antimicrobial water lines ensure consistent cleaning sanitation
    • Antimicrobial drain lines finished with drain screens preventing penetration of drain flies from sewer system
    • One system programmable Circulator per each bar (12VDC~1.A)
    • Manufactured in the USA by DEMA Engineering using antimicrobial polymer and stainless steel parts



  • “This system cleans soda gun nozzles solving the problems we see every day in restaurants where manual cleaning by staff has proven inconsistent and contributed to beverage ‘off-taste’ prevalent in gun-dispensed beverages.”
  • "This system has multiple benefits beginning with a clean delivery of product since the soda gun nozzles nestle in antimicrobial collars and holsters, preventing the intrusion of roaches, fruit flies, and other insects that can leave droppings. In addition to reducing potential health risks, this sustainable system reduces staff time and ensures product quality."
  • As a part of the leading clinical research organization in Bio-Pharma Regulatory Compliance, James Menoutis, I have been overseeing Sea Hawk System’s research and development of the Sea Gun. “Since the system’s parts are antimicrobial poly plastics and stainless steel, and the potable water used is void of salinity or alkalinity, this system is robust.”
  • “This system uses potable water, as such chlorine levels at very low levels and would not impact any of the surfaces. Potable water is regulated by the USEPA and the regulatory primary and secondary standards address corrosive properties of the water.” “The antimicrobial food contact surfaces, Santoprene Collars and polished ABS Holsters, meet FDA Model Retail Code and are sleek smooth and cleanable.”