Sea Gun

System Capabilities

    • Automatic, programmable cleaning system
    • Cleans to a level impossible to achieve with manual cleaning
    • Maintenance Free
    • Cleans all bar gun sizes from 3 to 12 buttons
    • Cleans up to 4 bar guns simultaneously in system holsters
    • Antimicrobial Santoprene® Collars make the bar gun cleaner impervious to insects
    • Antimicrobial polished ABS Holsters prevent water retention and mold
    • Antimicrobial water lines ensure consistent cleaning sanitation
    • Antimicrobial drain lines finished with drain screens preventing penetration of drain flies from sewer system
    • One system programmable Circulator per each bar (12VDC~1.A)
    • Manufactured in the USA by DEMA Engineering using antimicrobial polymer and stainless steel parts


Endorsed by the Clinical Labs of Quantum Analytics

Sea Hawk’s Sea~Gun

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